Top 10 spirits marketing moves in July 2020

4th August, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

Licor 43

Spanish brand Licor 43 has highlighted the vegan credentials of its Horchata expression in a new UK marketing drive. This year, Zamora Company updated the recipe for its horchata‐inspired Licor 43 liqueur, which is now 100% vegetable‐based and free from dairy.

To highlight its new plant‐based recipe, Zamora Company has launched a campaign to reach the “dynamic, innovative vegan and free‐from sector”. With the tagline ‘Did I mention I’m vegan?’ at its heart, the campaign will have several incarnations that will run across Facebook and Instagram advertising, display banners and Google ads.

Running for five weeks from mid‐July, the campaign features ‘conversational straplines’ such as ‘I’m so vegan I don’t even call my girlfriend honey’.

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