Six ways the drinks industry can support racial diversity

17th August, 2020 by Lauren Eads

Educate and acknowledge

Racism is a sad fact of life, but for many it’s someone else’s problem, and one that doesn’t affect their day to day life. The first step for white people is to acknowledge that fact. Educate yourself on systemic racism and white privilege. Is your workforce largely white? If so, what are the root causes of that? Inclusivity is not just about promoting diversity and it’s not a tick box exercise in hiring an ethnic minority quota. It’s not about prioritising race over talent. It’s about structural transformation and eradicating unconscious bias that puts Black and ethnic minority members at a disadvantage within the workforce.

Recognise the scale of any problems within your workforce, start difficult conversations, where necessary, and identify any pay gaps and lack of diversity, especially at management levels.

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