Cocktails on the go set for a ‘2020 moment’

15th July, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

Almost two-thirds of UK consumers plan to enjoy cocktails outside this summer as coronavirus lockdown measures are eased across the nation, according to new research.

61% of UK drinkers plan to enjoy cocktails outdoors this summer

Research commissioned by spirits producer Bacardi found that 61% of Brits plan to spend their summer drinking cocktails and mocktails outside. According to the survey, 25% of participants plan to prepare fresh cocktails and 20% will mix up batches of drinks at home.

As UK drinkers’ thirst for cocktails rises, Bacardi predicts that demand for canned cocktails will also increase. Almost a quarter of those surveyed by the brand said they plan to purchase ready-to-drink cocktails or canned spirit and mixers for their physically-distanced summer get-togethers.

Francis Debeuckelaere, regional president, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand at Bacardi, said: “People will be enjoying socialising in gardens, parks and on beaches more than ever before this summer. That makes convenience absolutely key, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing sales of cocktails in cans and cocktails-to-go skyrocket.

“Cocktails are going mobile this year and it’s exciting to see where that will take cocktail culture in the future.”

Demand for cocktails on the go has also led to the emergence of cocktails-to-go services from UK bars and restaurants. Since venues began offering the service during lockdown to retain their cashflow, the popularity of takeaway offerings has risen. According to Bacardi, 16% of Brits say they plan to use a home delivery or takeaway service from a local pub or bar to provide drinks at an outdoor gathering.

Jacob Briars, global advocacy director at Bacardi, said: “It’s great to see people supporting their local bars, pubs and restaurants as lockdown lifts. It’s clear people’s love for the local in the UK hasn’t faded during lockdown.

“We’ve worked closely with bar owners and bartenders during this challenging time through Bacardi’s #RaiseYourSpirits initiative and continue to help them adapt to the ‘new normal’.

“Supporting them to develop delicious cocktails-to-go menus to jump on this hot new trend has been key, and it’s exciting to see the innovative, fantastic drinks bartenders are creating for people to enjoy as part of their physically-distanced soirées outdoors this summer.”

Alfresco drinking ‘top of the agenda’ 

The research from Bacardi found that 39% of Brits said they plan to spend more time socialising and enjoying drinks outdoors this summer compared to last year.

On average, those surveyed said they plan on spending 16 hours per week socialising outdoors this summer, with more than 70% of participants claiming outdoor gatherings are the easiest way to ensure social distancing.

As lockdown restrictions ease across the UK, reconnecting with friends and family was cited as the number one priority for 71% of participants, with barbecues (34%), enjoying a drink in a pub garden or roof terrace (30%) and picnics in the park (24%) cited as ways the nation is set to enjoy time outdoors this summer.

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