Top 10 spirits brands on social media

23rd June, 2020 by Nicola Carruthers

3. Jack Daniel’s

Facebook fans: 18,487,420 | Twitter followers: 201,100 | Instagram followers: 501,000

Engagement 9 | Frequency 9 | Creativity 8 | Consistency 9 | Overall score 35

Brown-Forman’s American whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s was a consistent poster on social media, uploading nearly every day on Twitter, using short videos to promote its products and key serves. The brand also tapped into relevant occasions such as Mother’s Day and promoted a responsible drinking message across its social media channels. During the pandemic, Jack Daniel’s offered simple cocktail recipes as well as appropriate imagery to promote its key Jack Daniel’s and cola serve with a takeaway.

In addition, the brand promoted its Around the Barrel podcast and its line extensions, Apple and Fire. It also used social media to put out key messages to the public, such as the temporary closure of its distillery tours.

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