New interactive map locates European GI spirits

16th June, 2020 by Melita Kiely

Spirits Europe has created an interactive map that pinpoints all of Europe’s 240 spirits with recognised geographical indications (GI).

Spirits Europe GI map

Spirits Europe has launched an interactive map highlighting Europe’s spirits with GI protection

According to trade association Spirits Europe, European spirits with GI statuses accounted for more than €10 billion (US$11.3bn) worth of domestic sales in 2017, while making up two-thirds of total European spirits exports in 2019 – equal to €12.5bn (US$14.1bn).

Ulrich Adam, director general of Spirits Europe, said: “The map shows where exactly in Europe the 240 different GI spirits are from. Products like Cognac, Irish whiskey and Polish vodka are among our most well-known, yet the list is so much longer.

“For the first time today, we are – quite literally – putting all of these GI spirits on the map. I invite you to explore this exciting new tool and to discover more about the different regions and passionate people producing this extraordinarily wide range of quality spirits.”

Furthermore, Spirits Europe highlighted a study published by the European Commission in April this year, which found spirits with GI recognition tend to sell for more than two-and-a-half times more than products without GI protection.

Adam added: “Distillers across Europe can and will play their part in driving the European recovery after the devastating pandemic, but they need support.

“We need the European Commission to continue to champion the protection of GIs in trade discussions. With promotion and the right supports, distillers will once again drive exports create jobs and growth in Europe.”

The map can be found online at

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