Hospitality suppliers eligible for grants up to £25,000

19th June, 2020 by Melita Kiely

Supply chain businesses in the hospitality industry that have lost demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic can be awarded discretionary grants by local authorities.


Suppliers can apply for local government grants if they have been affected by Covid-19

The UK government published a revised FAQ clarifying that suppliers can be awarded amounts of £25,000 (US$30,925), £10,000 (US$12,370) or under £10,000 if their business demand has been impacted by the pandemic.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UK Hospitality, said: “It’s good to see the government acknowledging that businesses in the supply chain have been hit hard too and clarification that councils can support them with a grant.

“We urge councils to respond positively to applications by supply chain businesses hit by Covid-19 as these businesses are just as vital to the health of hospitality.

“Support needs to be comprehensive and applied right across the entire scope of the sector if we are to reopen successfully and keep as many businesses afloat and as many jobs secure as possible.”

Scotland gives guidance for on-trade reopening

Furthermore, UK Hospitality has welcomed the publication of reopening guidance for tourism and hospitality businesses in Scotland.

The Scottish government recently said hospitality and tourism businesses in Scotland should prepare to reopen from 15 July, and the guidance published on Wednesday (17 June) offers “clarity and certainty” for firms, UK Hospitality noted.

However, the opening of outdoor areas for pubs and restaurants will not be confirmed until 2 July, two weeks later than expected, said UK Hospitality.

Willie Macleod, UK Hospitality executive director for Scotland, said: “The importance of the hospitality sector to Scotland’s economy cannot be denied. Hospitality is the mainstay of the country’s tourism industry and plays a vital role socially as well as economically. Reopening will be critical in helping the country get back up and running.

“Even with the greater certainty that the reopening dates now provide, we should not forget that businesses have been hit very hard and the sector remains in a fragile state. We must have continued sector-specific support from both UK and Scottish governments.

“We are pleased to see that social distancing measures will be reviewed also. Reducing the minimum distance required, if it is safe to do so, would be a huge bonus for businesses as they look to reopen.”

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