Three-ingredient cocktails to make at home

21st April, 2020 by Lauren Eads

10. Martini

Origin: The classic Martini is made with gin, vermouth and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist. Over the years it has gained popularity as James Bond’s beverage of choice, however its origins are the subject of much debate. The earliest known reference to a Martini can be found in Henry J Wehman’s Bartender’s Guide 1891 which features a Martini recipe comprising Old Tom gin, vermouth, a dash of curaçao, bitter and syrups.

Another theory is that the classic Martini evolved from the Martinez – a cocktail made from gin, vermouth and cherry liqueur. In 1863, Italian vermouth maker Martini & Rosso began promoting a Martinez made with Martini vermouth, which could explain the origins of the cocktail’s name.

Ingredients: Gin, vermouth, olive or lemon

Method: Shaken or stirred, pour two shots (50ml) of gin into a Martini glass (or shaker) and add a dash of vermouth. Garnish as you please.

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