Think Spirits highlights acts of kindness in new initiative

1st April, 2020 by Nicola Carruthers

Amber Beverage Group-owned distributor Think Spirits has launched the Random Acts of Wowness programme, which will see the company spread messages of kindness and provide support during the pandemic.

The Random Acts of Wowness programme will help the industry through acts of good will

The Random Acts of Wowness programme will help the industry through acts of good will

The new Random Acts of Wowness push has been designed to “empower the Think Spirits family to bring moments of wow to their customers, trade and the hospitality community to support them during these challenging times”.

Patrick Borg, Think Spirits CEO, said: “The team at Think Spirits would like to reach out and offer our support. Distancing ourselves does not mean we cannot help each other.

“During these difficult times, Think Spirits have empowered our Think Spirits family, our team of passionate staff, to get behind them with support to allow them to perform the most beautiful Random Acts of Wowness.

“Our customers, the trade, hospitality owners, bottle shop staff, bartenders – we see these as an extension of our family. We want to reach out to these people and say thank you for all your support over the years and now it’s time to pay this back with some Random Acts of Wowness.

“Perhaps you need delivery drivers, or people to help answer phones, pre-batch cocktails… anything else you can suggest that you need, please just reach out to your Think Spirits Representative and let us know how we can assist.”

Think Spirits will also refocus its communication across social media during the period to offer messages of support and kindness.

“More than ever, acts of kindness between people and empathy, acts of wow, in these strange and difficult times is critically important,” said Borg.

“To assist spread this core message of being there for one another, and support, we will until further notice be redirecting the main messages within our social media channels to communications sharing some of these good will moments with our team and communications to assist our customers to have an additional voice of how others can get behind and support their business or the community.”

Luxembourg-based Amber Beverage Group completed its majority stake acquisition of Australian distributor Think Spirits in May 2018.

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