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SB meets… Gina Goh, Goh & Lopes LDA

The co-founder of Goh & Lopes LDA, the exclusive international distributor for Mi Rancho Tequila under Greatheart Spirit, on how the brand is helping to grow the popularity of the agave-based spirit worldwide.

Gina Goh, partner of Goh & Lopes LDA, exclusive international distributor of Mi Rancho Tequila

Congratulations on winning three Silver medals in The Spirits Business‘ Tequila & Mezcal Masters 2020. What inspired your company, Goh & Lopes LDA, to become the exclusive international distributor for Mi Rancho Tequila under Greatheart Spirit?

Mi Rancho Tequila was introduced to the founders of Goh & Lopes LDA during a taste-testing event. I am originally from Singapore, lived in various countries, and co-founder Alcino Lopes is from Porto, Portugal.

Once we had tasted Mi Rancho, we knew that we had to promote these fine Tequilas. People who have experienced Mi Rancho at tasting events fall in love with the tastes, aromas and the smoothness, and without any after tastes. We are able to offer these superior tasting products at consumer-friendly prices.

We obtained the exclusive international distribution rights to Mi Rancho Tequila and our distribution centre is in Porto, Portugal. This city is our launching pad into European markets.

What do you find most exciting about the Tequila category?

Although it has a small percentage of total global spirits, it is one of the fastest-growing categories, especially among women. One of the reasons for this is due to the production of smoother tasting Tequilas in the premium and super-premium categories.

Health-conscious consumers are also becoming Tequila drinkers. The agave plant has been recognised as a plant that promotes health. Since Tequila is made from fermented agave, more people are drinking Tequila for health purposes. Recently, Dr Oz in one of his television shows, Guide to Whole Body Health, had a guest, Dr Hyman, stating that he usually advises against alcohol but he makes an exception for Tequila when consumed in moderation.

Are you planning any new launches this year?

Yes, additional varieties of Mi Rancho Tequila are being crafted to satisfy the growing market of Tequila consumers. Greatheart Spirit will announce and launch new Mi Rancho products when they are available to distributors and consumers. We are constantly searching for other quality products to add to our portfolio.

What sets your Tequila apart from other brands on the market? 

Quite simply, it is the taste of the Mi Rancho brand of Tequilas. Mi Rancho was launched in 2016, and has been awarded 21 taste-test awards – including three Silver awards at The Spirit Business‘ Tequila & Mezcal Masters 2020 for Mi Rancho Silver, Reposado and Añejo Tequilas. Mi Rancho Tequilas are a luxury and premium brand of Tequilas made from pure 100% Blue Weber Agave.

The Dean-Lozoya family and the maestro tequilera have been crafting and refining Tequilas for many years, until they produced Tequilas that were worthy of their family heritage. With such smooth-tasting Tequilas, one would expect a luxury price tag. However, Mi Rancho Tequilas are priced at consumer-friendly prices.

Mi Rancho has completed the international ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification with iTQi in Brussels. This demonstrates our commitment to providing products and services to meet customer regulatory requirements.

Who is your target audience?

Although Mi Rancho Tequilas are consumed by all legal-age drinkers, we are noticing an increase of female spirits drinkers. They make up 37% of all spirits drinkers. In 2018, Mi Rancho Añejo Tequila was awarded a Double Gold Medal, and in 2019, Mi Rancho Tequila Silver won a Gold Medal in the Women’s Wine and Spirits awards in London.

Mi Rancho Tequilas are the perfect drink for women who appreciate smoother-tasting Tequilas. We are also targeting consumers in the 25-41 age category because their experience with Tequilas mainly comes from doing shots. With quality Tequilas they can enjoy the benefits of smoother taste, depth of flavour, and enjoying Tequila in mixed drinks. And finally, mature drinkers are surprised at the taste of Mi Rancho Tequilas. They always ask: “Is this Tequila?”

What is the best way to enjoy Mi Rancho Tequila?

Tequilas are typically consumed through the ritual of licking salt, taking a shot, and then following that by a bite of lemon or lime. Mi Rancho Tequilas, on the other hand, are so smooth that they can be sipped slowly.

Here are some suggestions on enjoying our Tequilas:

Mi Rancho Silver with six international awards is wonderful served straight, on the rocks, with a twist of lime, or as a complement to your favourite mixed cocktails.

Mi Rancho Reposado, with five international awards, is best sipped slowly to savour every possible note you can find in this Tequila.

Mi Rancho Añejo with 10 international awards, including the prestigious John Barleycorn Double Gold Award and the Best of Winner as Best Agave for 2019, can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

How important is innovation to Mi Rancho Tequila? 

Innovation is extremely important. The producer, Michael Dean, combines cutting-edge processes and innovation while respecting the traditional methods. This continual crafting and refinement produces a smoother and cleaner taste.

Where do you see the company in five years’ time?

Greatheart Spirit is constantly searching for superior wines, spirits, and speciality food products for the business. We look forward to growing our international business and increasing our market share.

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