Top five bars in… Leeds, UK

27th January, 2020 by James Lawrence

Leeds, in Yorkshire, UK, has transformed itself from a city overrun by students and stag parties into one with exciting craft breweries and top-notch cocktail bars that can please even the most discerning imbibers.

The revitalised Victorian mill district is a potent contemporary symbol of Leeds, one of Great Britain’s most underrated cities. Located just an hour south of the Yorkshire Dales, Leeds has a charm and newly discovered self­-confidence that is infectious.

With understandable pride, Leeds now welcomes ever-­rising numbers of tourists, reaping the rewards of a decade­-and­-a-­half of redevelopment and investment that has transformed the city centre into an exciting vision of 21st-­century urban chic. Friendly and outgoing, the diverse residents of Leeds are committed to rolling up their sleeves and enjoying the city’s burgeoning independent nightlife scene, which has gone from strength to strength in recent times.

Yet for decades, Leeds was dismissed as a one-­trick­-pony, associated with beer, stag parties and little else. Today, though, the city wears the brewing accolade proudly on its sleeve – Yorkshire’s illustrious beer­-making heritage dates back hundreds of years, and Leeds has some of the best microbreweries and craft ­beer bars in the UK.

And they have been joined by a rapidly expanding firmament of exciting cocktail bars, the best of which rival anything London has to offer. Indeed, a rash of investment and an influx of imported talent has transformed Leeds’ once lacklustre upmarket bar scene.

Today, sophisticated wine bars sit cheek by jowl in Leeds’ financial district in Park Row (once a night­time graveyard), while residents can’t keep pace with the number of new lounge and rooftop bars opening in the regional capital. Like all university cities, Leeds caters to a rowdy segment, but there is also plenty of sophistication and craft mixology to tempt a more discerning clientele.

Leeds may lack the renown of Edinburgh or the exquisite architecture of Bath, but that’s no reason not to visit this multifaceted city and experience the very model of a multicultural metropolis.

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