Top 10 spirits marketing moves in January

31st January, 2020 by Owen Bellwood


Diplomático Rum producer Destilerias Unidas will donate 10% of the sales from its Canaïma Gin to support local foundations in the Amazon.

To produce its gin, Canaïma has partnered with indigenous people experienced in harvesting Amazonian botanicals in an environmentally respectful way. Canaïma Gin will also support the Tierra Viva initiative to create sustainable jobs for local people.

Canaïma is also working with Saving the Amazon, which uses technology and mobile applications to combat the destruction of the rainforest, and plant trees.

Edouard Beaslay, Canaïma’s global marketing director, said: “Our intention has not only been to bring to the world an exceptional gin but also to contribute to the wellbeing of local communities through our collaboration with the Tierra Viva Foundation and Saving the Amazon.”

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