Cocktail trends to watch in 2020

3rd January, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

CBD creations

Throughout 2019, the rise of cannabidiol (CBD) was inescapable. As more jurisdictions take steps to legalise cannabis, the position of CBD – a non‐ psychoactive derivative from the hemp plant – has become a hot topic of debate and experimentation behind the bar.

CBD has proved hugely popular in the drinks industry, with infused cocktail bitters, syrups and ready‐to‐drink shots launching throughout 2019. The compound has appealed to drinkers looking to cut down on their alcohol intake, with bartenders swapping high‐proof spirits in CBD’s favour.

In venues such as London’s Behind This Wall, infused syrups are used to add CBD to cocktails. One such example at the Hackney bar is alcohol‐free Soft Pawn, which contains Seedlip Spice, Everleaf, tonic water, honey and ginger CBD syrup, grapefruit, orange, and apple and cranberry kombucha. But legal issues remain and CBD cocktails are illegal in California and New York.

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