Top 10 spirits marketing moves in November

3rd December, 2019 by Owen Bellwood



Diageo has created a Christmas campaign as part of its Join the Pact initiative to get 50 million pledges to never drive while under the influence of alcohol.

In the Christmas campaign, consumers are encouraged to exercise their own right to make “life‐saving” choices, such as promising to never drive after drinking alcohol.

The initiative comprises a series of real‐life scenarios, such as a celebration or day‐to‐day activities, and shows consumers raising their hands in different ways as a symbol of the freedom they have to make decisions.

As each story is told, statistics reveal the effects of drink driving and viewers are invited to exercise their freedom of choice by opting to pledge to never drink and drive.

The campaign will be activated across Instagram and Twitter, with three videos targeting young adults over the legal drinking age.

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