MO Bar tours the world to create new menu

3rd December, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

To create its latest cocktail menu, Singapore’s MO Bar partnered with local experts around the world to uncover ingredients unique to their specific location.

Cocktails on the menu at MO Bar were influenced by places such as Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines

MO Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore created the Nomadic Foragers programme to develop the menu, which saw its bar team travel to cities around the world to host pop-up events where they learned about the cultures and flavours synonymous with each place.

After travelling the world to research the menu, the team from MO Bar came together again to develop 16 cocktails, including four non-alcoholic creations, that are each inspired by a different location they visited.

Highlights from the bar’s new menu include the T and T, which was inspired by Hong Kong and is made with Tequila, lemon verbena and fig; the Vietnam-inspired Harvest Queen, made with agricole rhum, apple and guava; and the Thailand-influenced Expedition, which is made with green coffee, grapefruit and vermouth. The Expedition is served in a handmade ceramic mug crafted by one of MO Bar’s team.

The menu’s alcohol-free offering includes the Shanghai-inspired Silk Market, a zero-ABV cocktail made with mandarin cordial, fermented honey and corn; and the Seoul-influenced Old Friend, which combines BBQ kimchi, alcohol-free soju and seaweed.

MO Bar has also updated its food menu, adding new creations such as jiaozi Shanghai dumplings with kurobuta pork and minced prawn; the gyu-katsu sando with breaded wagyu beef and bulldog sauce; and the lobster roll with Boston lobster on a brioche bun with chive and radish.

For more information about cocktails on the bar’s latest menu, click through the following pages.

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