Medicinal properties of plants inspire Waeska menu

4th December, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

The Waeska Bar at London’s Mandrake Hotel has created a menu of cocktails inspired by ethnobotany, the study of practical and medicinal uses of plants.

The Szechuan uses the Brazilian Szechuan flower

The bar team at Waeska carried out extensive research into the medicinal properties and benefits of a variety of different ingredients, eventually settling on 14 plants that each inspired a different cocktail on the menu.

Flowers, roots and plants such as wakamomo, a green Asian peach; cactus blossom, which is native to the Americas; and enoki, an Asian mushroom, have all inspired cocktails on the bar’s latest menu.

Visitors to Waeska Bar can sample cocktails such as Vetiver, which uses Indian bunchgrass vetiver mixed with Copperhead Gin, yuzu and shiso sorbet. Vetiver is known for its ant-anxiety abilities.

The menu also features Szechuan, which is made with its namesake Brazilian flower that is said to offer a “multi-sensorial experience” and can be a remedy for stammering and toothache. The cocktail combines Szechuan, basil sorbet and yuzu-infused agave.

Barley is also used in the new menu due to its high fibre properties and its ability to lower cholesterol. The bar’s Barley cocktail combines Chivas 18 Year Old, barley, hazelnut butter, mint and maple syrup.

To find out more about the drinks on Waeska Bar’s new menu, click through the following pages.

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