UK cocktail and liqueurs intake grows 350% in 25 years

13th November, 2019 by Melita Kiely

Liqueurs and cocktails have seen the biggest percentage increase of consumption per adult, per week over the last 25 years out of any food and beverage product, according to new research.


Research shows liqueurs and cocktails have grown in popularity over the past 25 years

UK cooker brand Leisure used data from, which looks at the units purchased per person, per week for a variety of foods.

The company analysed data starting from 1993 over a 25-year period, exploring the changes in the British diet.

The results showed liqueurs and cocktails grew by 350% from 2ml to 9ml per adult, per week.

Spirits with mixers took fifth place in the table, growing 200% from 1ml per adult, per week to 3ml per adult, per week.

Other food items with increased consumption were soya and novel protein products, mineral or spring water, ice cream products, pasta, rice, cooked poultry (excluding cans), pizza, spreads and dressings.

Foods that declined included lard and cooking fat, instant dried milk, liver, meat pastes and spreads, tinned salmon and corned beef (canned or sliced).

Vijay Bhardwaj, marketing director at Leisure, said: “Our diets have become unrecognisable to those of our ancestors, as our research reveals the clear changes in both food availability and diets across the nation.

“Thanks to stronger logistics operations, fresh food is available 24/7 and with advancements in science, we as a nation are more knowledgeable than we once were about what foods are good and bad for us.

“Therefore, making it easier for individuals to purchase healthier and fresher food options for their home cooking.”

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