London Essence Co launches dispense system for bars

25th November, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

Mixer manufacturer The London Essence Company has created an on-trade dispense system that serves flavoured tonic water infusions.

London Essence Fresh Serve offers natural Indian tonic water and four flavoured varieties

London Essence Fresh Serve offers five flavours of London Essence tonic water, including the brand’s classic Indian variant, rhubarb, elderflower, grapefruit and cucumber.

Ounal Bailey, co-founder of The London Essence Company, said: “The London Essence Company creates versatile tonics that elevate every occasion and serve, from the classic G&T to more contemporary offerings.

“This new, innovative fount system allows a more sustainable and simple way for bars to serve tonics, it delivers on and complements the exceptional quality expected from The London Essence Company’s range of exquisite drinks.”

The London Essence Fresh Serve dispense system infuses the brand’s distilled botanicals into chilled tonic water at the point of service. The system is said to ensure freshness and flavour, while reducing packaging by 96%.

London Essence Fresh Serve is currently being trialled in outlets nationally and will be rolled out to the on-trade from February 2020.

Eric Drought, area general manager from the G1 Group, which has been trialling the London Essence Fresh Serve, said: “London Essence Fresh Serve has opened up a completely new market for customers looking for something new, refreshing and exciting.

“The speed of pour, quality and taste, eye-catching fount and sustainability credentials make it popular with both customers and staff. By using London Essence Fresh Serve, there has been less wastage and our service is much smoother and it eliminated the need for constant stock replenishment.

“We also noticed a great uplift in tonic sales thanks to its stand-out on the bar, and the flavour cartridges mean we get thousands of serves out of each one – a genuine bonus for any bartender.”

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