Asia Pacific bars to visit in 2020

20th November, 2019 by Luke McCarthy

The SG Club – Tokyo, Japan

The SG Club is a homecoming achievement for founder Shingo Gokan. Inspired by the first diplomatic mission of samurai sent to New York in 1860, Gokan wondered what the samurai made of New York’s bar culture, and what ideas they returned with. His answer – The SG Club.

A Tokyo‐native, Gokan’s march to global acclaim began with a long stint at New York’s Angel’s Share, and was followed by his three award‐winning Shanghai venues.

But with The SG Club, Gokan also wanted to capture something of his personal journey. Inside, there are three distinct levels to explore: Guzzle, the first floor, modelled on a 19th‐century American saloon, offers casual, quaffable cocktails; Sip, which is on the level below, serves more spirit‐forward drinks that match the darker speakeasy vibe; and the recently opened Savour, the membership level, blends Cuban cigars with Edo‐ influenced Japanese aesthetics.

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