Americas bars to visit in 2020

19th November, 2019 by Dan Q Dao

Cafe La Trova – Miami, US

Ten years ago, Miami’s drinking culture revolved around bottle service and overpriced beer slushies on Ocean Drive. But in recent years, the city’s tourist‐filled areas – South Beach and Wynwood, namely – have become veritable cocktail destinations.

The ethos is now carried over to the colourful Little Havana neighbourhood with this Cuban‐influenced restaurant‐bar from long‐time collaborators chef Michelle Bernstein and barman Julio Cabrera.

Recently named Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail 2019, Cabrera is a globally recognised cantinero, or professional bartender, carrying the legacy of Cuba’s storied cocktail culture, which predates America’s own mixology movement.

Working alongside his son, Andy, Cabrera turns out creative drinks such as La Chancleta (which translates as ‘sandal’), fusing cachaça with lime juice and a house‐made ginger‐honey syrup, all served in a whimsical sandal vessel.

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