Americas bars to visit in 2020

19th November, 2019 by Dan Q Dao

Nearly two decades after the cocktail revolution erupted in NYC, a love of fine drinks has spread to the furthest corners of the Americas.

Jungle Bird featured on our pick of Americas bars to visit next year

The craft cocktail movement may have originated largely in the metropolises of New York City and San Francisco, but today, the excitement surrounding good drinks is more palpable in smaller, burgeoning cocktail towns. After all, cities that were once considered secondary markets for spirits – think of the likes of Miami, Houston or Toronto – are now bona fide cocktail hubs in their own right.

In South America, new cocktail capitals have likewise emerged – São Paulo and Santiago among them – fusing the region’s thriving gastronomic culture with a borderless appeal in nightlife design and experience. And with the rise of Latin‐themed bars outside of the continent, cocktail fans may find it worthwhile to head straight to the source of that inspiration.

The best cocktail bars in these up‐and‐coming cities and neighbourhoods have managed to tackle global spirits trends, from zero‐waste to low‐ABV drinks, while still offering local character, or otherwise preserving a sense of place. The result? Ambitious bars that are more diverse and genre‐defying than those that have come before.

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