Purity Vodka nabs Grand Vodka Master 2019 title

11th October, 2019 by admin

Swedish vodka brand Purity has been named the Grand Vodka Master 2019 after accumulating the highest number of medals during a blind-tasting competition.

Purity’s Mathias Tönnesson with the Grand Vodka Master award

Purity Vodka scored 21 medals, spanning Master, Gold and Silver, in The Vodka Masters 2019 blind-tasting competition.

The competition was held in August at the Baltic restaurant in London’s Southwark, where an expert panel of judges gathered for a day of vodka sampling.

The “lovely, dry” Purity 34 expression won a Master medal during the blind-tasting, while the “fresh and clean” Purity Vodka 51 also walked away with five Gold medals and two Silver medals.

Purity Vodka was awarded with the Grand Taste Master title during The Spirits Business’s Beach Party, held during the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes last week.

Mathias Tönnesson, chief spirit officer of the Purity Distillery, said: “As an organic producer with a focus on smaller-batch handcrafted vodka, we’re fighting the ‘assembly line’ methods of our competitors, where our total production does not even match their spills.

“So, we’re very proud to be recognised for our dedication to craftsmanship. This is extremely exciting for us, proving that our distillation methods across our portfolio are of outstanding quality.”

“To this day, we have won more than 229 blind-tasting awards, but the most important recognition is when individual consumers choose Purity Organic Vodka, neat or for their cocktails, and really discover the smoothness and fantastic flavours that only exceptional vodka can offer.”

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