Memento Green latest non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ to launch

10th October, 2019 by Melita Kiely

Italian non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ brand Memento has expanded its portfolio with the addition of Memento Green.


Memento Green was inspired by Mediterranean flavours

Memento Green was inspired by Mediterranean aromatic plants and is said to have a strong herbaceous aroma and floral palate.

Green myrtle was used to give balsamic notes, melissa is said to add fresh, citrus flavours, laurel contributes a “strong and vigorous” character, while orange blossom brings a bittersweet and balanced character.

Eugenio Muraro, who founded Memento in 2017, said: “The idea of launching a new product arose from the ever-growing global demand of industry professionals and consumers for mixing ingredients to amplify and improve the non- and low-alcoholic drinking experience.”

Recommended serves with Memento Green include Scent of Yoga, which is made with decaffeinated tea, sugar syrup and turmeric dust, and Fairy’s Healing, made with aloe juice and elderflower syrup.

For those looking for a lower-alcoholic serve, rather than alcohol-free, the brand recommends Cactus Flower, made with Memento Green, Tequila, agave syrup and lime juice, or General Sherman, made with Bourbon and pumpkin purée.

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