Absolut and Paper Bottle Co to drive sustainability

22nd October, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

Pernod Ricard-owned Absolut Vodka has partnered with The Paper Bottle Company (Paboco) to create a fully bio-based and recyclable paper bottle.


Absolut has partnered with The Paper Bottling Company to create a recyclable paper bottle

The Absolut Company has joined Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and L’Oréal in partnering with Paboco, which was launched in 2015 to research the possibility of a commercially-available paper bottle.

Lena Danielsson, head of innovation and new ventures at The Absolut Company, said: “Joining the Paboco community seemed like a natural fit as our commitment to sustainability has always been one of Absolut Vodka’s key pillars.

“We look forward to working alongside like-minded individuals to further minimise our impact on the planet and create a product that helps us move toward a more circular system of living.”

Through the new partnership, Absolut and Paboco will work with designers and material experts to create a sustainable paper container that is capable of holding carbonated and still drinks, beauty products and more. The initiative aims to develop a fully-functional product made entirely of renewable fibres.

As a Paboco partner, Absolut will work to drive consumer engagement in sustainability. The brand will also work with retailers as the introduction of a paper bottle may impact shelf-life expectations of products.

Through this partnership, the brand also hopes to pressure the global recycling industry to create effective recycling streams worldwide.

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