Shackleton map encourages drinkers to go ‘off-grid’

27th September, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

Blended Scotch whisky brand Shackleton is encouraging drinkers to go “off-grid” to avoid social media and emails with an online map that highlights areas free from connectivity.

Shackleton is encouraging whisky fans to go off-grid

The Whyte & Mackay-owned whisky brand has created an interactive map that details locations across the UK, including Scottish lochs, caves in the Lake District and forests in Dorset, that are free from digital connectivity.

Kenny Nicholson, head of modern spirits at Shackleton Whisky, said: “In an increasingly connected world, it is harder and harder for people to switch off. As a brand born adventurous, we want to encourage people to escape the everyday and go ‘off-grid’, whether that’s hiking a mountain or trekking in a forest.

“As the world gets more hectic, these places have become real offline sanctuaries for people. This initiative sets out to celebrate and protect them, helping consumers have proper adventures.”

Alongside the launch of the map, Shackleton Whisky is also attempting to protect an offline space that is under threat from the introduction of mobile phone network coverage.

The Creeside Farm in the Galloway Forest Park, part of an officially designated UNESCO biosphere, and Shackleton Whisky are lobbying authorities to prevent the introduction of mobile networks to the area.

If successful, this will be the first time a space of this kind has received protection, preserving it as a permanent “offline sanctuary”.

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