Pernod Ricard formalises anti-animal-testing stance

11th September, 2019 by Amy Hopkins

Absolut and Jameson maker Pernod Ricard has formalised its position against animal testing “unless required by law” and said it will “only work with ethical suppliers”.


Pernod Ricard will publish its new environmental and ethical standards in the fourth quarter of this year

The French group is in the final stages of completing its environmental policy, which formalises its stance against animal testing.

Furthermore, the firm has updated the standard for the suppliers it works with, stating that its partners “shall not fund, conduct or commission any animal testing unless they are explicitly required by law”.

Animal welfare charity Peta said the policy would relate to 1,600 ingredient suppliers that signed Pernod Ricard’s corporate responsibility agreement. It added that from 1986 to 2010, Pernod Ricard “conducted or provided products for animal experiments”.

Peta’s senior projects and science policy advisor, Dr Julia Baines, said: “Pernod Ricard’s compassionate decision means that the company and its suppliers will never again starve, poison, or kill gentle animals in voluntary experiments, which aren’t required by law and are irrelevant to human health.

“Peta is calling on companies still clinging to archaic animal tests to follow Pernod Ricard’s example and embrace modern, animal-free research methods.”

Earlier this year, Japanese drinks groups Suntory and Asahi agreed to ban animal testing.

3 Responses to “Pernod Ricard formalises anti-animal-testing stance”

  1. Lucy Post says:

    Bravo! This is a kind, progressive decision that will spare animals immense suffering. I hope many other companies follow suit.

  2. Craig Shapiro says:

    Here’s to Pernod Ricard! Testing on animals wastes lives, money, and time.

  3. AMD says:

    Awesome news. Animal testing should be ended entirely.

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