Top 10 spirits marketing moves in July 2019

7th August, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

Skyy Vodka

Actor John Cena launched Skyy Vodka’s Spark Change initiative, which calls on fans to post “sad, blurry, or just plain bad” firework images on social media.

Skyy Vodka will donate US$5 to the National Diversity Council for every photo published on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #SkyyVodka up to a total of US$100,000.

The National Diversity Council aims to encourage a better understanding of diversity and inclusion through various initiatives in the US. Cena said: “I’m honoured to be a part of this fun yet meaningful campaign, encouraging others to take an image that would otherwise be discarded and use it instead to support something as beautiful as a more diverse America.”

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