Restaurant chain Hooters to launch spirits line

8th August, 2019 by Nicola Carruthers

US restaurant chain Hooters will release its inaugural line of spirits this autumn, including two Tequilas, a vodka and an American whiskey.

The Hooters Spirits line will launch this autumn in the US

The restaurant operator has developed its new range in partnership with private label beverage company United Spirits. The design of the bottles features the chain’s iconic owl logo.

The Hooters Spirits line comprises: Hooters Vodka, Hooters Gin, Hooters Dark Rum, Hooters Light Rum, Hooters Tequila Silver, Hooters Tequila Gold, Hooters American Whiskey and Hooters Heat Cinnamon Whiskey.

The vodka is a corn-based six-time-distilled expression, described as “perfect for any cocktail” while the gin is made from ‘natural’ botanicals and juniper berries.

Hooters Dark Rum is made with Caribbean blackstrap sugar cane molasses, while the “slightly sweet and smooth” Hooters Light Rum is recommended for use in tropical cocktails.

The silver Tequila is described as a “unique blend” for adventurous drinkers, while the gold Tequila is “suited for cocktails or neat”.

The two-year-old American whiskey is recommended mixed or as shot, while the cinnamon-flavoured expression is a combination of “premium American Whiskey with natural cinnamon and a touch of heat”.

The new range will also be incorporated into a selection of signature drinks.

The Hooters Spirits line will be available to buy this autumn from Hooters restaurants and select retailers across the US.

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