Top events at Tales of the Cocktail 2019

11th July, 2019 by admin

Friday, 19 July

TOTC: Beyond the Bar

Daily Yoga Class with Camille Vidal (La Maison Wellness)


Bienville Room, New Orleans Athletic Club

Past the halfway stage at Tales of the Cocktail, attendees may be looking for a calming experience to unwind from the busier side of the festival. Camille Vidal will be hosting one of her daily yoga sessions on Friday, designed to make you feel both energised and relaxed by the time you leave.


Kentucky Bourbon vs Tennessee Whiskey: Battle of the Premiums presented by Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey


Le Booze, Royal Sonesta

Fawn Weaver, CEO and co­founder of Uncle Nearest, will explore the premium side of both whiskey styles, unveiling which expression has a more premium production process. Attendees can also meet Uncle Nearest’s head of whiskey and distillery operations, Sherrie Moore.


Scotch: 90 Facts in 90 Minutes


TBD, Royal Sonesta

With so many rules and regulations surrounding Scotch whisky production, it can be easy to get confused about the dos and don’ts of the category. Why must Scotch be at least three years old? Are single malts better than blends? Join Becky Paskin, editor of, for a run­down of 90 Scotch whisky facts in 90 minutes.


Allergies, Diets & Cocktail Menu Warnings


TBD, Royal Sonesta

Should bartenders list every ingredient on a cocktail menu, or is it the customer’s responsibility to ask? This seminar will explore the current science on allergies, specific spirits and mixers that activate them, and cover dairy, nuts, seafood and grains, as well as lesser known allergies such as corn and melon. The session will also aim to separate allergies from sensitivities and intolerances, and look at the ethics regarding bartender training and responsibility.


Mocktail Project – Beyond the Bar


Vaughn’s Pub, New Orleans Athletic Club

Jesse Hawkins, founder of The Mocktail Project, is on a mission to lead a US-­wide movement to help create a social environment where cocktails and mocktails can thrive together. Hawkins will highlight the rising need for non­alcoholic options as the trend for low-­ and no­-alcohol grows.

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