Lonerider Spirits launches Founder’s Club cask scheme

24th July, 2019 by Melita Kiely

Bourbon producer Lonerider Spirits is offering fans the chance to design their own whiskey through its new cask-purchasing initiative, called The Founder’s Club.


Lonerider Spirits is the distilling arm of Lonerider Brewing

The Founder’s Club will enable whiskey enthusiasts to create a Bourbon with Lonerider Spirits and finish the liquid in French or Spanish wine casks, ex-Port casks, ex-Sherry casks, oloroso casks, ex-Pedro Ximènez casks, and/or ex-Bourbon Lonerider beer casks.

After a five-year maturation period, cask owners can take their casks out of the bonded warehouse if they so wish, or they can opt to have it bottled on site by Lonerider Spirits.

Investors can also choose to keep their casks at the bonded warehouse for a longer period of time for an estimated price of US$100 per cask per year, or 1.1% of the cask’s market value in five years’ time.

The distillery will also offer a buy-back proposal scheme.

Chris Mielke, president of Lonerider Spirits, said: “Lonerider Spirits was founded around the idea of creating great Bourbon and sharing it with our friends.

“Now everyone gets to participate on a whole new level in creating spirits with The Founder’s Club – I can’t wait to taste these barrels in a few years.”

Lonerider Spirits launched in July last year as the sister distillery to the Lonerider Brewing Company.

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