Booze-free Ginish and Rumish launch in UK

16th July, 2019 by Nicola Carruthers

Danish producer Ish Drinks has launched its non-alcoholic ‘gin’ and ‘rum’ in the UK through distributor Hops, Grapes and Spirits (HG&S).

Ginish and Rumish are now available to buy from health food chain Holland & Barrett

Ish Drinks uses ‘natural’ ingredients to provide alcohol-free alternatives for gin and rum, called Ginish and Rumish. The range is now available to buy from European health food retailer Holland & Barrett.

The range was created by Danish entrepreneur Morten Sørensen, who created Ish to deliver an “alcohol-free option for those who can’t or don’t always have the desire to drink alcohol, but crave the same familiar flavours”.

David Smith, founder of HG&S, said: “We are delighted to work with Holland & Barrett and to continue to offer retailers and consumers in the UK a broader choice of innovative drinks from around the world. I’m proud of our brand management, which is going from strength to strength.”

Fiona Davies, food buyer at Holland & Barrett, said: “Ish alcohol-free ‘spirits’ are an important part of our new product range. It’s been exciting to work with a relatively new and ambitious company like HG&S Ltd to open up access to innovative brands.”

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