Bartenders launch initiative to support abstinence

17th July, 2019 by Amy Hopkins

A group of hospitality professionals has launched The Pin Project, a grassroots initiative that “empowers” bartenders to express their desire to abstain from drinking by donning a lapel pin.

The Pin Project pins can be bought for US$15

The project has launched after receiving a grant from the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation last year. It was co-founded by San Francisco bartender Mark Goodwin in collaboration with service professionals from the city’s Bay Area.

The initiative endeavours to “create a movement of healing and understanding for those in our [industry] caught up in the potentially dangerous context that comes from working within close proximity of alcohol”.

Supporters can buy pins for US$15, the proceeds from which will be used to connect mental and substance abuse professionals with bar workers in need of help.

“This decision to wear a pin and not drink is to be respected, unquestioned and understood,” the project said. “It can be donned for any reason; this server needs to drive home, this host is on antibiotics, this barback only drinks once a week, or this manager struggles with substances.

“For any reason at all, the pin can help assert confidence, help with a social cue, or with promoting the best possible version of this person to the thirsty folks on the other side of the bar.”

More information on The Pin Project can be found at For more information, email

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