Ncn’ean puts 60 whisky casks up for sale

21st May, 2019 by Melita Kiely

Highland distillery Ncn’ean is offering 60 whisky fans the chance to purchase their own maturing casks, ranging from ex-Bourbon to ex-wine barrels.


Highland distillery Ncn’ean is offering 60 whisky fans the chance to buy their own cask

Located on the west coast of Scotland, organic producer Ncn’ean’s offering includes: an ex-Bourbon cask with five years’ maturation (£3,000/ US$3,807); an ex-Bourbon cask with 10 years’ maturation (£3,500/US$4,442); an ex-wine cask with five years’ maturation (£3,900/ US$4,950)); and an ex-wine cask with 10 years’ maturation (£4,400/ US$5,584).

Each cask is expected to yield more than 300 bottles after maturation.

The prices include the owner’s name on the cask and a certificate of ownership; the chance to witness the cask being filled and a visit to the distillery; storage and insurance; and a 100ml reference sample each year. Bottling, packing, shipping and taxes are not included.

Annabel Thomas, founder of Ncn’ean, said: “Scotland has a long history of experimentation, which we are continuing with the development of our whisky.

“We have 60 casks available for private individuals to own, inviting them to join the family and come along with us on our journey, as we watch our whisky develop.

“Whether as an individual, a family or group of friends, those who purchase a cask will have the opportunity to visit the distillery on the west coast, sample the spirit as it matures and most importantly, enjoy over 300 bottles of organic Scotch whisky at the end.”

Earlier this year, Ncn’ean offered two week-long, all-expenses-paid internships for women to entice more female workers into the industry.

In September last year, the distillery released a botanical spirit drink – “not whisky, not gin” – as it waits for its Scotch to come of age.

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