Spirits with shocking ingredients

17th April, 2019 by Nicola Carruthers

Eau de Musc

Tamworth Distilling has also released Eau de Musc, a limited edition whiskey infused with beaver castoreum, a secretion from the castor sacs of the North American beaver and European beaver. It is used by beavers, along with urine, to mark their territory by scent.

The “full-bodied” two-year-old whiskey has a “bolstered mouthfeel with a vanillin nose and notes of spice”.

The beaver castoreum has been combined with birch oil, raspberry and Canadian snakeroot, a woody spice similar to ginger.

Anton Kaska, a professional trapper and outdoor skill instructor, provided the distillery with the castoreum sacs, which would have otherwise been discarded.

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