Distilleries leading the way in sustainability

10th April, 2019 by Nicola Carruthers

Greensand Ridge, England

Kent-based Greensand Ridge in Kent claims to now be the UK’s first carbon-neutral distillery after implementing a number of sustainable systems.

The micro-distillery’s carbon-neutral certification, granted last month, was the “culmination of a great deal of work over the last year”.

Greensand Ridge commenced production in 2015 with the aim of having an “ultra-low” impact on the environment. The distillery produces gin, eau de vie, rum, and brandy.

Its team has implemented procedures related to renewable power, heat recovery systems, plastics removable and chemical-free production. Greensand Ridge also uses surplus produce from local famers, such as plums and apples, which supermarkets won’t take, to create its products.

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  1. Kevin Ballarin says:

    gutted to see Belgrove whiskey from Tasmania missing from this list. I’ve met the owner and was mindblown by his production techniques. have a look into it.

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