Top industry bars around the world

18th March, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

A city’s industry bar is the place bartenders can be found kicking back with a drink after work. SB asked five on-trade experts where they head post-shift.

Above Board in Melbourne features in our roundup of top industry bars

Many people enjoy an after-work drink, but for those working in the on-trade this can be difficult to arrange – as after work may not arrive until the early hours of the morning.

Late-licence bars frequented by bartenders are found in every city, and some are able to build their reputation as the centrepoint of the bartending community.

But what is it that distinguishes your average neighbourhood haunt from the industry bars in which bartenders are seen as regulars?

“The essential requirement for an industry bar for me is that it has to have the Cheers vibe,” said Lee Jones of UK-based bar operator Sandinista.

To find the watering holes the world’s bartenders turn to post-shift, SB spoke with a host of the industry’s brightest and best to see where they head to get their after-work drinks.

Click through our gallery to see a selection of the world’s top industry drinking dens. 

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