Top 10 spirits marketing moves in February

6th March, 2019 by Owen Bellwood


Ready-to-drink (RTD) brand VK is hoping to “stand out and modernise” with an updated look for its mixed pack.

The packaging has been redesigned with a “colourful new look” and will also include the brand’s newest flavour, VK Watermelon.

Charlie Leaver, brand manager at Global Brands, said: “As the number one RTD for students, having a look that appeals to the 18­-24 audience is key, and we know that the loud visuals of the new mixed pack will resonate with our demographic. The vibrant pack also makes for an eye-­catching spot on the shelf, tying in with our fun­-coloured liquids and fruity flavours.”

The revamped mixed pack will be available in UK shops, including Asda, Spar and independent convenience stores.

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