Survey: Londoners pay the most for cocktails

28th March, 2019 by Nicola Carruthers

More than 38% of Brits prefer going out for drinks in the summer compared to the winter, with Londoners prepared to pay an average of £7.15 (US$9.15) per cocktail, according to a recent survey.

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Around 92% of consumers will spend more than three hours drinking in a bar

The poll, part of cocktail syrup producer Monin’s new Summer Drinks Trends Report, surveyed 1,000 consumers on their summertime drinking behaviours, preferences and habits.

The report has been created to help bars, pubs and restaurants capitalise on the season’s opportunities.

The survey found that one in five go out for a summer tipple three or more times a week during the summer, with Londoners (84%) most likely to enjoy a drink three or more times a week.

Around 92% of drinkers will spend more than three hours drinking in a pub, bar or restaurant, with almost half (47%) aged between 18 to 24 years old.

During the summer, sales of cocktails rise with 66% of drinkers selecting one, compared to just 2% in winter.

Londoners are prepared to pay the most for an alcoholic cocktail at an average of £7.15 (US$9.15). Drinkers in the 18-24 age bracket will pay £1.65 (US$2.17) more for a cocktail than those over the age of 55. The survey also found that the average price consumers are willing to pay for a cocktail during the summer is £5.78 (US$7.60).

When it comes to non-alcoholic cocktails, a third of consumers are willing to pay up to £6 (US$7.90) per drink.

Lee Hyde, Monin’s UK beverage innovation manager, said: “Summer is traditionally a time when venues can expect increased footfall. We wanted to commission a piece of robust research that would support businesses in their bid to capitalise on the opportunity.

“By identifying the wants, needs and desires of consumers and compiling them in a tangible reference guide, we hope to give establishments the insight they need to create a menu that hits the right spot with their customers.”

Monin has responded to healthful drinking trends with the launch of lower-sugar iterations of three staple flavours.

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