Santamanía launches Spanish single malt whiskies

15th March, 2019 by Amy Hopkins

Madrid distillery Santamanía has released its first range of Spanish single malt whiskies, called Mentidero.

The Medtidero range contains the first single malt whiskies from Santamanía

The range, released “after several years of research and development”, currently consists of two expressions that have been aged for four years.

G Edition is a peated single cask whisky made using Spanish Castilian malt. The spirit has been triple distilled and aged in ex-Rioja wine casks to create a “unique Spanish character”.

Archetype, distilled from unpeated Castilian malt, combines a variety of “young” whiskies aged in two different cask types: ex-Rioja and ex-Pedro Ximenez.

Javier Domínguez, co-founder and CEO of Santamania, said: “We have developed a range of high-quality whiskies with unique aromas and special hints that makes Mentidero a whisky which delivers the flavour of Spain.

“This is a result of using Spanish ingredients, [and also] the careful process of distillation and ageing.”

In 2017, Santamanía raised 300% of its equity crowdfunding target, securing £1.14 million (US$1.5m).

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