Master of Malt investigates data hack

1st March, 2019 by Amy Hopkins

Online retailer Master of Malt has warned of a “potential breach” of customer data after its email marketing provider was hacked.

Master of Malt is investigating a potential breach of its Mailchimp account

In a letter to customers, Master of Malt managing director Tom McGuinness said some of its customer names and email addresses may have been accessed overnight via its Mailchimp account, which the company uses to manage its email list.

McGuinness reassured customers that “no other personal data of any sort has been compromised”, and said the company suspended its access to Mailchimp as soon as it became aware of the potential breach.

“The practical impact of this is likely to be that you receive a few more spam emails than you usually do,” said McGuinness. “For almost everyone, especially those using modern email systems like Gmail, Yahoo, and Office 365, those spam emails are likely to just end up in your spam folder and never see the light of day.

“Obviously that doesn’t make this OK – it’s not OK and we’re extremely upset about it – but I hope the additional context is helpful.”

Master of Malt is “investigating to assess how many email addresses have in fact been accessed”.

The retailer has so far discovered two types of spam that have been sent: one purporting to be from Mailchimp requesting billing details to be updated, and another claiming to be from the UK government regarding tax refunds.

“Both of these are very convincing, so please do be careful, and don’t click any links in any email unless you’re sure they are valid. It’s very easy to get caught out,” continued McGuinness.

“I’m incredibly sorry that this has happened, and for the stress and inconvenience it will no doubt have caused.”

Those with concerns are asked to contact

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