Callooh Callay presents new menu as vintage car manual

28th March, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

London bar Callooh Callay has taken inspiration from the stages involved in opening a bar to create its latest cocktail menu, which will be presented in a reimagined Haynes car manual.

The new menu at Callooh Callay is presented in the style of a vintage Haynes car manual

The bar’s Cocktail Bar Manual menu features 26 drinks presented in a design that mimics the layout of a classic car manual.

Drinks are split between four sections, called The Plan, The Location, The Team and The Mindset, which were named in honour of the different stages involved in developing a cocktail bar.

Callooh Callay founder Richard Wynne said: “We’ve created some really fun and interactive menus over the years and I’m hugely grateful to all the team, who have put in a massive effort to make the Haynes manual-inspired creative a reality. They were huge when I was a kid and I love anything with a bit of nostalgic retro value.

“We’ve really dug deep into our experiences over the last 10 years to bring it together, starting with the seed money my grandma generously gave me to start the venture, so the finished menu is one of the most personal to me.”

The Builders Breakfast features in The Build section of the menu

The Cocktail Bar Manual features drinks submitted by each member of the bar’s team, such as Nan’s Orchard, which is made with apple cider brandy, El Gobernador Pisco, Noilly Prat, ginger cordial, lemon, apple pie syrup, citrus, ginger ale.

In The Build section of the menu, imbibers will find The Builders Breakfast, a rum-based cocktail made with tea syrup and served in a builders mug, and the Jabberwocky Milk, which is made with Tanquerey gin, lemon, marshmallow syrup, egg white, cream and soda served in a miniature paint tin.

The new menu, which will launch on 10 April, also features a kombucha of the week, made in house, and non-alcoholic cocktails including the Pina con Nada, a blend of coconut cream, pineapple, lime and salt.

Wynne added: “I strongly believe that the most important aspect of any bar is the team and I’m proud to say that our new menu includes at least one drink from every one of our current bar team.

“The result is a wonderfully varied offering reflecting their individual backgrounds and tastes – from kombucha to sherbet – and a top-notch selection of non-alcoholic cocktails too. We’re now excited to see what our customers think about the Haynes-inspired menu, and introducing an awesome line-up of new drinks at Callooh Callay.”

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