Top five investible Scotch whiskies of 2018

11th February, 2019 by Amy Hopkins

Following news that UK auction sales of rare single malt reached a record high last year, experts have revealed the top brands that are collected for investment.

Scotch whisky is performing strongly as an alternative asset class

Last week, valuation, consultancy and indexing service Rare Whisky 101 (RW101) published its recent annual report, which revealed that the volume and value of rare Scotch sold through UK auction houses reached record heights in 2018.

In total, 107,890 bottles of single malt Scotch were sold at auction in the UK in 2018, a 29% increase on 2017. The value of bottles sold rose by 63% to £40.7 million (US$52.7m).

The report also shed some light on the burgeoning trend of purchasing Scotch whiskies as investment assets. RW101’s Investor Ranking places the most emphasis on brands being collected for investment. It is described as a “temperature test” for demand and a measurement of which bottles are increasing, and equally decreasing, the most in value.

The league table is based on 80% of the pure percentage increase in the value for all bottles in a brand’s auction portfolio, with a 10% weighting on the highest average price of all bottles, and the overall highest price for a single bottle.

Click through the following pages for more information on the top five Scotch whiskies in RW101’s Investor Ranking.

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