Top spirits marketing news in January 2019

4th February, 2019 by Owen Bellwood


Leading tonic water producer Fever-­Tree has agreed a £1 million (US$1.3m) partnership with charity Malaria No More.

The money raised from the deal will be used to support Malaria No More’s global campaign to fight the disease.

Tim Warrillow, CEO of Fever-­Tree, said: “Tonic water’s origins lie in mankind’s centuries-­old fight against malaria, with quinine being given to British soldiers in India in the 19th century to ward off the disease.

“Many of the communities where we source our ingredients experience the devastating effects of malaria, and I have seen first hand the amazing work that [Malaria No More does]. I am hopeful one day we will be able to raise a glass to the global eradication of this disease.”

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