The unsung heroes of Scotch whisky

1st February, 2019 by Amy Hopkins

Community & family

Fay Coull – Glen Moray

It takes more than an internal workforce for a distillery to truly thrive: members of the local community play an important role in welcoming tourists and advocating their local brands.

“The help we receive from the Glen Moray team, friends and family makes Glen Moray what it is,” enthuses Graham Coull, master distiller for the Elgin­-based distillery.

And as with any job that includes managing a 24-­hour operation, the support of loved ones is invaluable. “My role is wide and varied,” adds Graham. “The distillery runs 24/7 so I can be called on any time. If there are any issues they have to take priority, so our plans can change at short notice. My wife, Fay, is very understanding and takes it in her stride.”

Fay not only supports Graham in his role, but also works as an unofficial brand ambassador for Glen Moray, attending numerous events at home and abroad.

“Fay throws her heart and soul into all things Glen Moray,” says Graham. “It is a great help to have her beside me at events because we can engage with so many more people – and she is far better at keeping in contact with people through social media!”

Fay manages to balance her unofficial duties with a part-­time job in nursing at the local hospital. “We have four grown­up children who like to come home and help out at events and the distillery as much as they can. They are part of the extended Glen Moray team,” she says.

“I try to be as actively involved as I can be – from helping Graham with tastings to representing Glen Moray on stands at events. I’ve also been lucky enough to co­host dinners with Graham for overseas customers and visitors.

“Graham is actually quite reserved and shy, so I think he’s happy for me to chat and support him in that way.”

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