Glen’s Vodka launches low-abv flavoured spirits

11th February, 2019 by Melita Kiely

As consumer demand for low-alcohol alternatives grows, Glen’s Vodka has released two flavoured spirits each bottled at 20% abv.


Glen’s Vodka has released a low-abv flavoured spirits line

Glen’s Peach and Passionfruit and Glen’s Strawberry and Apple are based on Glen’s Vodka with added fruit flavours.

The brand hopes the new range, Glen’s Flavours, will offer consumers a “simple solution” to making drinks without the need to “have dozens of ingredients”.

Alisha Goodwin, Glen’s Vodka brand manager, said: “Glen’s Vodka has been the number one take home vodka brand in Scotland for many years and has performed particularly well for independent retailers.

“The growing interest in flavoured spirits and increasing demand for lower alcohol products presented an opportunity for us to expand the range. The flavoured spirits will sit alongside our Glen’s Vodka and the more premium Glen’s Platinum.

“As we enter the spring months, we are confident Glen’s Flavours will become the brand of choice for consumers looking for a refreshing spirit.

“By combining quality vodka with zesty, fruity flavours we are eliminating the need to have dozens of ingredients and instead offer a simple solution for a delicious summer drink.”

The Glen’s Flavours range is available from wholesalers across Scotland at an RRP of £13.99 (US$18).

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  1. Ben Marston says:

    Appreciate the lower alcohol sector needs to be promoted but please as a platform that calls itself Spirits Business, should it not be made clear that these are technically not spirits. My understanding is that the minimum abv for categories is 37.5% abv for gin and vodka and 40% abv for whisky and brandy/cognac define what spirits are. What is being promoted here is diluted, flavoured vodka, so does not fit into the afore mentioned categories. Irrespective of technical categorisation, maybe the time has come for a new sub sector on SB that promotes ‘low alcohol’ so as to clearly differentiate from the higher ABV products that form the core of its editorial content.

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