The spirits trends to watch in 2019

2nd January, 2019 by Melita Kiely

‘Boundary-breaking’ categories

Innovation is crucial to the spirits world’s longevity and this year looks set to bring even greater creative developments in the industry. Although several categories are bound by strict rules and regulations, such as Scotch, Cognac and Tequila, this has far from hindered cask experimentation, hybrid crossovers, implementing unusual base ingredients and incorporating all sorts of weird and wacky botanicals into recipes.

Breaking boundaries is Rebel Rabbet, which launched its Exile range last year to avoid category constraints. The brainchild of London Distillery Company’s Matt McGivern and Dylan Bell, the duo has created a series that falls under no specific labels; instead, the focus is on playing with yeast strains, distillation techniques, maturation methods and botanicals to create a truly experimental product. We envisage a few more transgressive spirits will be joining Rebel Rabbet to shake things up in 2019.

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