The most exciting bar openings of 2018

15th January, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

8. Cocktail Bar Max & Dom Whisky, Warsaw

Cocktail Bar Max & Dom Whisky is a new spirit­-focused bar in the heart of the Polish capital, Warsaw.

The venue was created by the team behind Poland’s whisky festival, Festiwal Whisky, and boasts a back bar with nearly 6,000 spirits from around the world. The majority of these bottles can be found in the first­-floor Whiskey House, a space reserved for serious whisky lovers with 4,000 Scotch, Irish, American and world bottlings to choose from. The first floor is also home to the bar’s Cuban Room, which offers rum fans a selection of drinks and cigars that is unrivalled in Poland.

Meanwhile, the ground floor is where the Warsaw venue serves up its flamboyant cocktails, many of which are mixed with fresh, exotic fruits, including dragon fruit, passion fruit and coconuts.

The space incorporates an eight­-metre high round bar stocked with spirits used to craft some of the best cocktails you’ll find in the city.

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