Southern Glazer’s reveals top cocktail trends for 2019

23rd January, 2019 by Nicola Carruthers

The bartender barista

In cocktails, coffee and tea are being used for their “smoothness, earthiness, and subtle smokiness” as well as their ability to stand up to more “assertive” spirits.

Teas from around the world can offer “versatility and more nuanced flavours”. This includes the “slight bitterness” from black tea, the “roasty” notes of green tea and “grassy flavours” in matcha tea.

“The gap between the two crafts is getting smaller; more coffee shops now serve alcohol and therefore baristas are keen to learn more about the art of cocktail making,” said Maja Jaworska, Grey Goose coffee ambassador.

“Blending the skills and knowledge of bartenders and baristas means that we will see quality coffee more widely used in cocktails.”

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