Private members’ club for stressed out Santas opens

7th December, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

A new private members’ club hoping to mitigate the stresses of hard-working Santa Clauses has opened in London restaurant M Victoria.

Working Santas can get some respite from the stresses of Christmas at a new private members’ club

Launched in collaboration with Port brand Cockburn’s, the club will offer free glasses of Cockburn’s Special Reserve for working Santas until Christmas Eve.

The opening follows Cockburn’s survey of 100 working Santas, which revealed that 92% “succumb to workplace stress during the yuletide season”.

The research also revealed the top 10 stresses of working Santas, with their uncomfortable uniform taking the number one spot.

Other stresses include pushy parents, the requirement to be jolly all the time, children asking awkward questions and maintaining ‘Santa weight’.

“I used to be a working Santa myself back in the day, so I understand the stresses of the job more than anyone,” said Martin Williams, founder of M Victoria.

“Sometimes all you want after a long day in the grotto is to be able to unwind with some good company and a glass of your favourite tipple, which we’ll happily provide.”

Cockburn’s survey also revealed some of the strangest present requests received by working Santas, including a meerkat, full-sized helicopter and Des O’Connor.

Hard-working Santas have earned a break this Christmas

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