Vegas museum opens Prohibition-inspired distillery

7th November, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas has opened a subterranean distillery to educate visitors on illicit spirits production during Prohibition.

The Mob Museum’s new distillery will offer visitors a taste of moonshine

Officially called the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, the site will offer daily 30-minute tours of its new distillery, starting at 5pm.

During the tour, visitors will receive an in-depth explanation of the distillery’s equipment and processes, learn about the impact of Prohibition on the distilled spirits industry, and taste a variety of spirits such as moonshine.

The distillery’s moonshine is made with 100% corn and bottled at 50% abv. Participants are also able to purchase souvenir bottles at the end of their tour.

The Mob Museum’s speakeasy bar offers more opportunities to taste house-brewed craft beer, draft beer, distilled vodka, Prohibition era-inspired cocktails, wines by the glass and non-alcoholic drinks.

In an underground exhibition space, visitors can expand their knowledge of Prohibition-era bootlegging and rum-running.

Tickets for the Mob Museum’s distillery tour cost US$12 per person.

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