Boilermaker House launches whisky menu app

2nd October, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Australian bar operator The Speakeasy Group has unveiled a whisky menu app for its Boilermaker House whisky bar in Melbourne.

Australian bar Boilermaker House has launched its whisky menu via an app

The Whisky App will be available to download on 10 October and has been created by The Speakeasy Group’s Geoff Fewell in collaboration with app designers Rob Amos and Matt Kelsh.

Created to enhance guest experience at the venue, the app streamlines the bar’s extensive whisky list and aims to maintain the personal service guests would receive from the bar’s team.

On its landing page, Boilermaker’s app features recommendations from the team, whisky flights and newly added whiskies. Guests are also able to select how they would like to browse or filter their search.

Fewell said: “One of the main things we wanted with the app was to maintain the human element of service, but add to it by creating personalised lists and guest journeys.

“Whether you’re a knowledgeable and experienced whisky drinker or looking to take your first steps, the app enables guests to narrow their searches through selected categories, rather than study a 100-page menu.”

Whisky fans can also create a personal imbibing journal including previously drunk drams and their own tasting notes and ratings. The app lists each dram with tasting notes, distillery information and imagery curated by Fewell.

Users can access the app at any time and can save whiskies they want to taste to a shortlist.

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